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Experimentation is a very important method that HUMOFERT SA uses systematically.

Experimentation is a very important method that HUMOFERT SA uses systematically in order to

  • Develop new products
  • Monitor and quantify the effectiveness of the products of the company
  • Invent new methods and techniques of sustainable plant growth
  • Create standard-guides of successful crop growth

Experimentation is carried out on 3 levels:

  1. In the laboratory
  2. In a small scale (in evidential plants)
  3. In a large scale (in evidential fields)

In the first two cases, experiments are designed and executed by the company in cooperation with Research carriers (Universities and Research Institutions), while in the third case experiments are designed from the company and executed by professional growers under the supervision of scientists and associates of HUMOFERT SA.

In this context, experimental projects are created according to the plan developed by the departments of R&D and Marketing of the company. Especially for experiments carried out in the field, the projects are subsidized by the company, which often seeks collaborator growers who are willing to participate with their crops on company pilot projects for the mutual benefit of both growers and HUMOFERT SA.

Besides the experiments and trials in which our products are being subjected from us, they undergo daily in the most strict and reliable test, this of the practical application on the various crops of both professional and amateur growers. For all the users of our products who want to share their experiences with the application of our products in their crop, it is a great honor for us to receive their opinion by filling out the form.



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