Liquid organic Nitrogen fertilizer 3-0-0
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AminaL is a liquid organic nitrogen fertilizer which derives from the thermal treatment, hydrolysis and distillation of meat meal from chicken, rabbits and fish without the addition of chemicals. The efficiency of AminaL is immediate and is based on the amines which are directly absorbed both by plants and the beneficial microorganisms of the rhizosphere. Since amines play a catalytic role in various cellular processes, AminaL acts as a biostimulant which promotes plant growth, by interfering with the processes of replication and differentiation of plant cells.

Nutrients Content (w/w)
Organic Nitrogen (Ν) 3.0 %
Organic Carbon (C) 10.0 %
Anines - Amino acids 20.0 %
2-phenethylamine 2.4 mg/L
Spermine 3.6 mg/L



  • Provides organic nitrogen readily available and therefore fortifies plant growth.
  • Stimulates rooting and especially the creation of lateral roots by interfering in the cellular replication and the cellular division.
  • Increases the content of sugars (brix) in the fruits through the regulation of the various ion channels such as the one of Potassium.
  • Contributes to the proliferation of the beneficial microorganisms of the soil and increases the microflora of the rhizosphere which leads to the improvement of the fertility of the soil.
  • Accelerates plant growth since it enhances the action of microorganisms of the soil which increase the availability of nutrients.
  • Reduces the stress induced by drought and competition with the weeds.
  • Enhances fruit set through the attraction of insects-pollinators (bees, butterflies, larvae and beetles) which promote entomophilous pollination.
  • AminaL is safe for the crops since it does not contain any salts and does not cause phytotoxicity.

Bottle 250 ml (box of 30 pieces)

Bottle 1 L (box of 12 pieces)

Container 5 L (box of 4 pieces)

Container 10 L

Container 20 L

Drum 200 L

Tank 1000 L

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