Soil activator with beneficial bacteria
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Bactilis-S is a soil activator - organic fertilizer in the form of water soluble powder containing beneficial soil bacteria of the genus Bacillus in a lyophilized form. Bactilis-S contains the following species: Bacillus pumilus, Bacilus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus subtilis and the bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis GB03. The beneficial bacteria of Bactilis-S form a symbiotic association with the root system, creating a protective shield for the root and restricting the access and the establishment of other microorganisms to the root system.

Beneficial microorganisms Content
Beneficial soil bacteria 1.5 x1010 *cfu
*cfu: colony forming units



  • It helps plants recover from infection by root pathogenic fungi (such as fusarium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, alternaria, pythium, anthracnose and sclerotinia).
  • Stimulates and promotes rooting.
  • Assists in the increase of the plants productivity.
  • Enhances plant vigour.
  • Fortifies the resistance of the plants against stress caused by various biotic and abiotic factors.
  • Promotes the plant growth.
  • Improves the soil conditions for the growth of productive and healthy plants.
  • Increases the nutrient uptake by the roots of the plants.

Al. Foil bag 20 g (pack of 16 pieces)

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