Liquid Growth Stimualnt with beneficial microorganisms
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BIOGUN is a liquid growth stimulant that contains beneficial microorganisms which exist naturally on the leaves, the shoot and the rhizosphere in most plant species. The beneficial microorganisms of BIOGUN offer readily available nitrogen, contribute to the assimilation of nutrients from the cellular tissues of the leaves and at the same time they produce substances which enhance the resistance of plants against various environmental stresses. In parallel, the liquid substrate of BIOGUN is rich in chelate manganese and oligosaccharides and therefore contributes to the nutrition and vigour of crops. Manganese is one of the essential for the plant nutrition micronutrients since it activates the nitrogen assimilation by the plants and contributes to the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Nutrient Content
Manganese (Mn) 0.1 % (w/w)
Beneficial microorganisms 2 x1012 *cfu/L
*cfu: colony forming units



  • Prevents plants infestations by various insects, such as whiteflies, beetles, aphids, caterpillars, acari and flies, affecting all their growth stages.
  • Provides plants with nutrients and enhances their vigour.
  • Fortifies the resistance of the plants against stressful environmental factors.
  • Activates and accelerates the biological processes that take place in the above ground part of the plant.
  • Promotes the cellular division of the plant cells and contributes to the growth of the crops.
  • Enhances the synthesis of chlorophyll as well as the availability of the phosphorus and calcium for the plants.
  • Increases the beneficial microbial population of the foliage.
  • Corrects the manganese deficiency in all crops.
  • Does not disrupt the balance of the ecosystem.
  • Does not affect beneficial insects.
  • Does not contain pathogens since it is manufactured under sterile conditions.

Bottle 250 ml (box of 30 pieces)

Bottle 1 L (box of 12 pieces)

Container 5 L (box of 4 pieces)

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