DRY-HUM 500g
DRY-HUM 0,5-2,5-5-20Kg


100% Water-Soluble Humic Acid
Κωδικός: 006

DRY-HUM is a 100% water soluble solid organic fertilizer that derives from leonardite. It contains more than 90% Humic acid, 12% Potassium (K2Ο), 0.45% Iron (Fe) and other Trace elements in minor quantities. Furthermore, it contains phenols and other carbolic compounds that act exactly as cytokinins and auxins act for the stimulation of the cell. In addition it enhances the action of defoliants and herbicides and also does not create problems of phytotoxicity in crops.

  Content (w/w)
Humic acid 85.00 %
Nutrients Content (w/w)
Potassium (Κ2Ο) 12.00 %
Iron (Fe) 0.45 %



  • Releases and activates nutrients and thereby makes them readily available to the plants.
  • Stimulates plant growth.
  • Creates a voluminous root system.
  • Increases the resistance of plants against stress which is caused by frost, drought and transplanting.
  • Increases the size and the number of flowers and also improves their coloring.
  • Improves the quality and the flavor of fruits and vegetables.
  • Fortifies the resistance of fruits during transportation and elongates their shelf life.
  • Enhances the cation exchange capacity.
  • Provides soils a spongy texture and improves the aeration in concrete soils.
  • Improves the structure in sandy soils since it reduces nutrient leaching and enhances the water retention capacity.
  • Stimulates the growth of the natural microflora of the soil.

Plastic jar 500 g (box of 24 pieces)

Plastic pail 2.5 Kg (box 4 pieces)

Plastic pail 5 Kg (box of 4 pieces)

Cart box 20 Kg

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