Chelated Copper EDTA 15% in water soluble powder form
Κωδικός: 017

Elem-Cu is used for the correction of Copper deficiency in all crops. It contains 15% chelated Copper (chelating agent EDTA) and is recommended for foliar applications and through fertigation.

Nutrient Content (w/w)
Copper in chelated form EDTA 15.0 %



  • Fully covers the nutritional needs of plants in copper.
  • Prevents the occurrence of copper deficiency.
  • Corrects the existing copper deficiencies.
  • Eliminates immediately the symptoms of copper deficiency.
  • Ensures the good health of plants.
  • Provides high yields and consequently higher profits for the grower.

Al. Foil bag 250 g (box of 24 pieces)

Al. Foil bag 1 Kg (box of 20 pieces)

Plastic pail 5 Kg (box of 4 pieces)

Cart box 25 Kg

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