Chelated Iron EDDHA 6% in water-soluble powder form
Κωδικός: 011

Ferrum is used for the treatment of iron deficiencies in all crops. Due to its chelating agent (EDDHA), it is recommended for all types of soil and especially for alkaline and lime soils.

Nutrient Content (w/w)
Iron Fe EDDHA 6.00 %
ortho-ortho 80 %



  • Covers the nutritional needs of plants in iron.
  • Prevents the occurrence of iron deficiencies in crops.
  • Corrects existing iron deficiencies.
  • Eliminates iron deficiency symptoms.
  • Provides an intense green color in the leaves of plants.
  • Stimulates the photosynthesis of crops.

Al. Foil bag 100 g (box of 24 pieces)

Al. Foil bag 250 g (box of 24 pieces)

Al. Foil bag 1 Kg (box 10 pieces)

Plastic pail 5 Kg (box 4 pieces)

Cart box 20 Kg

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