Liquid microbial soil amendment
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Live Soil is a biological agent which activates and rejuvenates the soil that has been disinfected with physical or chemical means. It is applied after the soil disinfection and prior to the sowing or planting. It aims at the preparation of the soil for planting. Live Soil contains beneficial soil microorganisms that occur naturally and are capable to colonize the soil quickly and efficiently resulting in the creation of an ideal environment for the growth of healthy, vigorous and highly productive plants.

Beneficial soil bacteria
Beneficial soil fungi
Inert material



  • Restores the natural microflora of the soil and also activates the soil after the disinfection.
  • Enhances and improves the efficacy of the disinfection.
  • Improves the structure and the composition of the soil, since the contained microorganisms dissolve the soil nutrients (phosphorus, trace elements) and increase the organic matter.
  • Creates fertile soils able to accommodate highly productive and healthy crops.
  • Accelerates the germination of seeds and the quick growth of seedlings, due to the plant-like hormones (auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins) that produce and secrete the containing beneficial microorganisms.
  • Contributes to the quick and safe establishment of the plants in the soil.
  • Enhances the vigour and the yield of the crop since the beneficial microorganisms promote the availability of nutrients of the soil and produce substances that improve the plant growth and crop yield.
  • Fortifies the resistance of plants against biotic and abiotic stress factors.
  • Is an ecological product that contributes to ensuring and maintaining soil fertility.

Bottle 1 L (box of 12 pieces)

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