Natural Biostimulant for Growth & Fruit set
Κωδικός: 060

NATREG is a natural biostimulant that comes from specially selected marine plants. Its active ingredient is the natural hormone "Cytokinin" which is involved in many cellular processes of the plants and stimulates plant growth in many levels. In addition, NATREG contains macro- and micronutrients, carbohydrates and growth regulators (auxins, gibberellins, betains) which are essential for all crops for the integrated nutrition and overall health that results in optimum growth, increased yields and excellent quality of harvest.

Nutrients Content (w/w)
Nitrogen (Ν) 0.50 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 2.50 %
Potassium (Κ2Ο) 3.00 %
Calcium (CaO) 0.08 %
Magnesium (MgO) 0.04 %
Sulphur (S) 0.20 %
Iron (Fe) 15 ppm
Copper (Cu) <1 ppm
Zinc (Zn) 5 ppm
Manganese (Mn) 1 ppm
Boron (B) 15 ppm
Amino acids ~ 0.67 %
Natural Cytokinin with the organic action of 100 ppm Kinetin 100 ppm
Trace elements, Amino acids, Natural Promoting Substances (auxins, gibberellins, betains)    



  • Increases fruit set.
  • Improves the production, the quality and the marketable crop yield.
  • Provokes earlier fruit production.
  • Improves the growth and expansion of the roots.
  • Enhances the dynamics and germination of seeds.
  • Fortifies the resistance of of plants against stress caused by environmental factors and pests.
  • Elongates the shelf life of fruits.
  • Increases the farmer’s profit.
  • It holds back crop growth during periods of undesirable growth.

Bottle 1 L (box of 12 pieces)

Container 5 L (box of 4 pieces)

Container 10 L

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