Microbial Inoculant for Clover and Alfalfa Seed Treatment
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Clover & Alfalfa Starter is a microbial inoculant specific for the treatment of clover and alfalfa seeds prior to sowing, aiming at the establishment of clover and alfalfa-specific, beneficial symbiotic bacteria. These bacteria increase seeds' germination, promote plant growth, fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into a readily assimilable by plants form, and induce nodule germination on the roots of legumes, leading to a robust crop and an increased harvest.
Clover & Alfalfa Starter differentiate as follows:
-Clover & Alfalfa Starter: seed biocoatings in fine powder form
-Clover & Alfalfa Starter fluid: seed biocoatings in liquid form
Also, in case that the above formulations contain plant health-promoting microbial groups, then the product lines are additionally labeled with the name +plus (eg Clover & Alfalfa Starter fluid +plus)

Powder Fluid
Beneficial bacteria for seed biocoating 1.0 % (w/w) 1.0 (w/v)
Beneficial microbial population 2x109 *cfu/g 2x109 *cfu/ml
Inert pasteurized materials 99.0 % (w/w) 99.0 %(w/v)
*cfu: colony forming units
  • Increases and accelerates the germination of seeds.
  • Stimulates the awakening of seeds.
  • Provides nitrogen for the early stages of plant growth.
  • Creates root nodules in legumes' roots that are essential for the crop's success.
  • Increases the production capacity of plants.
  • Promotes the growth of the root system.
  • Reduces the the crop's probability of infection by pathogens.

Bag 1 Kg (box of 20 pieces)
Bottle 1 L (box of 12 pieces)

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