Microbial solution - Liquid organic fertilizer 2-3-2
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Succor is a unique liquid microbial solution which contains beneficial soil bacteria. The bacteria of Succor are natural root symbiots belonging to the Bacillus subtilis species. The bacillus contained in Succor colonizes the soil and roots fast and produces enzymes and metabolic products similar to auxines, which improve rootshooting, plant growth and vigor and reinforce its resistance against intense stress conditions caused by various factors.


Nutrient Content (w/w)
Nitrogen(Ν) 2,0 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 3,0 %
Potassium (Κ2Ο) 2,0 %
Beneficial microorganisms Content
Beneficial soil bacteria (Bacillus subtilis) 1.45 x1010 *cfu/L
*cfu: colony forming units
Condensed Enzymatic Plant extracts
Natural Organic Chelating Agents
Natural Wetting Agent



  • The bacteria produce substances that enhance the cellular activities of plants.
  • The bacteria form colonies and live on the roots and the root hairs, limiting the access points for other micro-organisms (mainly soil fungi) to the root.
  • It provides readily available nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) to the plants.
  • It reinforces the root system.
  • It promotes plant growth.
  • It increases cultures yield.
  • It contributes to the enhancement of plant resistance against stress caused by various biotic and environmental factors.

Bottle 1 L (box of 12 pieces)

Container 5 L (box of 4 pieces)

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