EDEM 7-4-4 250mlEDEM 7-4-4

EDEM 7-4-4

Liquid Complete Fertilizer with micronutrients and 30% organic matter
Κωδικός: 029

EDEM 7-4-4 is a liquid fertilizer, specially designed for the proper and complete nutrition of flowers and indoor and outdoor plants. It contains macronutrients (N-P-K), chelated trace elements, amino acids, natural growth factors (cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, betains), vitamins, carbohydrates and organic acids (humic and fulvic acids).

Nutrients Content (w/w)
Nitrogen (Ν) 7.00 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 4.00 %
Potassium 2Ο) 4.00 %
Iron (Fe-EDTA) 0.03 %
Boron (B) 0.02 %
Magnesium (Μg-EDTA) 0.02 %
Zinc (Zn-EDTA) 0.02 %
Copper (Cu-EDTA) 0.01 %
Organic matter 30.00 %



  • Increases blooming and the size of flowers.
  • Improves photosynthesis.
  • Fortifies the resistance of plants and flowers against frost, heat and pests.
  • Assists in the quick overcome of the shock that plants undergo during their transplanting or due to adverse weather conditions (strong winds, very low and very high temperatures).
  • Increases the population of the beneficial soil microorganisms.
  • Improves the color of flowers and elongates the life of cut flowers.

Bottle 250 ml (box of 30 pieces)

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