Accelerator of Decomposition of Organic Matter
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BioDEC is an accelerator of decomposition of organic matter. It contains a mix of beneficial microorganisms, which occur naturally in the environment and which decompose the organic matter of agricultural waste and agricultural remains of cultures (such as rice, maize, wheat and other cereals, cotton, lucerne and other fodders, soya and other legumes, biofuel crops, herbs, vegetables etc). This way, it is possible to establish the next culture in the field within a shorter time interval.

Beneficial microorganisms >1x1012 *cfu/Kg
*cfu: colony forming units




  • It accelerates the composting process of agricultural waste
  • It reduces set-aside time
  • It restores soil fertility
  • It improves the organic matter of the soil
  • It improves the availability of soil nutrients
  • It improves the structure and the physicochemical properties of the soil
  • It reduces the salinity and the acidity of the soil
  • It enhances nitrogen fixation
  • It hinders the growth of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria and it creates suitable conditions for the development of healthy plants

Al. Foil Bag 1 kg (box of 20 pieces)

Bag 5 Kg


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