Mixture of Boron-Amino acids in water soluble powder
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Dia-B is a Nitrogen-Boron fertilizer used for the correction of nitrogen and boron deficiencies in all crops. All the contained in the product nitrogen is organic and derives from amino acids which are in a high percentage in the product. Dia-B is formulated in water soluble powder and is absorbed easily and quickly both from the leaves and the roots.

Nutrient Content (w/w)
Nitrogen (Ν) 3.0 %
-Organic-Ν 3.0 %
Boron (Β) 17.0 %
L-Amino acids 18.8 %
  • Full coverage of the needs of plants in boron and quick elimination of the emerging boron deficiencies.
  • Increase of the readily available in the plants nitrogen at the critical growth stages.
  • Increase of the fruit set capacity of plants.
  • Acceleration of the biochemical processes which take place inside the plants (sugars formation, photosynthesis).
  • High boron assimilation due to the contained in the product amino acids.
  • Higher boron uptake from the foliage due to the sticking properties of the product.

Al. Foil bag 1 Kg  (box 10 pieces)

Plastic pail 5 Kg  (box 4 pieces)

Cart box 20 Kg

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