Liquid condensed Nitrogen-Boron fertilizer with seaweed extract
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NBA is a liquid condensed Nitrogen - Boron fertilizer. 85% of the contained nitrogen is slow release derived from water soluble polymethylene urea, while Boron comes from borate of high Boron content. Furthermore, NBA contains 14% Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract which stimulates plant growth and increases the plant’s ability to assimilate Nitrogen and Boron resulting in a much greater efficiency of the product.


Nutrients Content (w/w)
Nitrogen (Ν) 18.6 %
Polymethylene Nitrogen 15.8 %
Urea Nitrogen 2.8 %
Boron (Β) 1.9 %
Marine plant Ascophyllum nodosum extract 14.0 %



  • Provides settled growth in all crops while it enhances fruit set.
  • Releases nitrogen gradually so that it can be fully absorbed by the plants.
  • Due to its sticking properties, NBA holds Boron and the nutrients of the seaweed on the leaves or near the roots, resulting in their increased assimilation by the plant.
  • Does not leach or vaporize.
  • Has a very low salt index and does not cause phytotoxicity.
  • Is a source of energy for the beneficial soil microorganisms.
  • Does not contaminate the environment since it does not contain nitrates.
  • Does not crystallize on the leaf and does not create sediment in the tank.
  • Can be used as a sticking or wetting agent.

Bottle 250 ml (box of 30 pieces)

Bottle 1 L (box of 12 pieces)

Bottle 5 L (box of 4 pieces)

Container 10 L

Container 20 L

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