Bioactive Microbial Root Stimulant
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RIZOMYC is a bioactive microbial solution which contains spores and hyphae of endomycorrhizal fungi of the genus Glomus sp., that enhance root growth and elongation, facilitating this way nutrients and water uptake by the plant. In addition, it contains beneficial rhizosphere bacteria (Bacillus megaterium, Azotobacter sp.) and soil fungi (Trichoderma harzianum) which excrete substances that contribute to the formation of new rootlets, to the plant's growth and the acquisition of resistance against various environmental and biotic factors.

Beneficial microorganisms Content


Endomycorrhizae (Glomus intraradices, G. clarum, G. mosseae) 1 x105 *cfu/L
Beneficial bacteria (Bacillus megaterium, Azotobacter sp.) 1 x1011 *cfu/L
Beneficial fungi (Trichoderma harzianum) 1 x1011 *cfu/L
*cfu: colony forming units





  • It elicits root growth and promotes its penetration into the soil.
  • It increases water absorption by plants root system.
  • It increases plants tolerance to drought.
  • It increases nutrients uptake by the root.
  • It supplements plants nutrition in nitrogen, phosphorus and trace elements.
  • It improves soil structure and architecture.
  • It provides for a better soil aeration.
  • It increases the beneficial microbial population of the soil and it improves its biological structure.
  • It enhances plants vigor.
  • It limits root rots.
  • It accelerates plants growth rate.
  • It increases yields.
  • It is an environment-friendly product which does not disturb the balance of the ecosystem.
  • It does not contain plant pathogens, since it is produced under sterile conditions.

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