NUTRI-MEAL fluid 6-15-5 250mlNUTRI-MEAL fluid

NUTRI MEAL fluid 6-15-5

Liquid N-P-K Fertilizers
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Nutri MEAL fluid fertilizers are a series of liquid, clear fertilizers, specially designed to provide to plants the essential nutrients (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) throughout their growth. The regular application of Nutri MEAL fluid fertilizers ensures the plants' balanced growth and health.


  • 10-10-10
  • 15-5-5
  • 6-15-5
  • 8-4-19

Nutrients Content (w/w)
Nitrogen (Ν) 6.0 %
Nitrate Nitrogen 0.0 %
Ammoniacal Nitrogen 6.0 %
Urea Nitrogen 0.0 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 15.0 %
Potassium 2Ο) 5.0 %
  • They derive from raw materials of high purity.
  • They are suitable both for applications through fertigation and through foliar sprays.
  • They prevent the clogging of the nozzles and the fertigation and spray systems.
  • They do not create sediments.
  • They cover the nutritional needs of the plants throughout the growing season.
  • They improve the soil aeration by reducing the incidence of rots in the root system.

Bottle 250 ml (box of 30 pieces)

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